Canon accredited partner COPYMAT spol. s r. o.

About Us

The Copymat spol. s r. o. Company was founded in 1992.

Sales and services of copiers, fax machines and printers, especially those of brand Canon, were the main focus of the company since the beginning.

Acquired experience and built position in this field has led to the establishment of cooperation with CANON CEE Company with headquarters in Vienna and then, after its founding, with CANON CZ s. r. o., which represents the brand in the domestic market. In 2002 Copymat gains “Authorized System Partner” certificate. Throughout the whole existence of the company, we are one of the largest distributors and service organizations of CANON technology. We have acquired the “Premier Accredited Partner” certificate within the partnership program.

Since 2006, Copymat s. r. o is a carrier of integrated system of managing ISO. Currently they are: System of Quality Organization Management ISO 9001:2008; Environmental management System ISO 14001:2004; System of management providing ICT services organization ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005.

Our goals

Our goal is to provide the best quality service in sale, rent and consulting. All services are provided throughout the Czech Republic. Copymat team of workers is regularly educated in the individual professional areas, so the quality of service and sales services is at its best. Besides that, Copymat company has nine conditions for keeping the standard and even getting better.

9 conditions for keeping the standard:

  1. Realization of importance of customer´s requirements, needs and wishes
  2. Individual approach to each customer without difference
  3. High professionalism of individual employees
  4. Quick solution to arisen issues
  5. Establishing a long-term business friendly relationship, which is based on absolute trust, the in tight service is provided.
  6. Meeting all relevant and legislative requirements
  7. Observing and adapting to technology development and increasing quality of services
  8. Being considerable to the environment
  9. Evaluation of established system of management and yearlong goals realization

Contact us!

For more information about our business, sales or lease, please, contact our business department.


tel.: 241 040 755

Ing. Jan Dobiáš

mob.: 606 071 203
tel.: 241 040 768

Martin Janků

mob.: 722 977 478
tel.: 241 040 756

Kristýna Kovandová

mob.: 722 977 478
tel.: 241 040 756

Richard Žádník

mob.: 724 062 020




Therefore ico

Sharing information will no longer be a problem! Efficient DMS (Document Management System) allows you to electronically store, share and send information. Are you on the road and need the access to your invoices, contracts or documentation and share it with your colleagues at the same time? Therefore allows you the access to information anywhere you are, regardless of the platform. End of useless, tedious search in archives. View your information quickly and easily using Therefore.


UniFLOW ico

Do you need to manage access to your device and save for printing at the same time? UniFlow offers both and even more. It allows you to manage not only printing, but also copying and scanning. Thanks to this tool, you will always have a view of expenditures, which will be automatically created by UniFLOW. You can track expenditures per person, machine and department. It depends on you. Save your time and our environment with the help of intelligent printing management.

ULM - Universal Login Manager

Universal Login Manager ico

Are you looking for simple user management on your printing device? ULM is software, which can do even more. Simple application, which doesn´t need server and is for free. Printing, copying or scanning is managed according to the rules configured by you. Each user has his own individual profile and therefore widened working options with printing device. ULM allows users log in with chip cards or PIN numbers.

ImageWARE Console

Imageware Console ico

Image Ware Console is very effective tool for all your printing devices that are connected to the network. You can easily manage activity of those devices, track its operations and counters numbers. It allows dividing by departments, floors or rooms. It depends just on you. This handy tool is completely free and works with any device from any distributor.

eCopy + Nuance

Imageware Console ico

Create searchable and editable PDF documents and increase their security by coding and removing personal or sensitive information. Raise your productivity by allowing the users to work interactively with PDF documents by using their voices. Information durability is protected by compatibility with PDF/A standard.


Don´t buy expensive machines, save on rental

Canon printers leasing saves your money! You don´t need large amount of money right now to buy or alter number of machines. This investment is split from 12 up to 36 months. The rent covers all expenditures connected with operating and maintenance of the printer. That means service, consumable material within the framework of the contract, no extra entries. After contract expiration you have the option to buy the machine at the minimal balance value. Warranty on copier Canon applies as long as the leasing contract is valid. You can add various accessories and you don´t need to deal with leasing company or a banks.

Online Service

The best service for our customers

We have prepared comfortable malfunction and service orders reporting online. Current customers only need to input serial number, register e-mail and malfunction description. Everything else will be filled out automatically. New machines are equipped with QR code, so you can input service requests by mobile device.

SM and SLA Contracts

SM Contracts

Service-material contract provides you with exact expenditure planning. As long as you have SM contract, you don´t pay anything for service and machine maintenance. Consumable material is imported directly and there is no need to order it in advance. Regular checking and cleaning raises machines working life and by that also your happiness. In this contract, you only pay for printed copies. 

SLA contracts

Do you want to avoid useless maintenance and software application mistakes repairing expenditures? SLA contract is the most common type of contracts of providing technical support for software applications. Don´t pay for useless engineers trips, when we can solve your problem by remote help. SLA contract provides you prior and quick solution for your software problem.